Our Beginnings

Welcome to the inaugural post to the Cambridge Cat Clinic updates blog! We plan to post periodic updates to keep you all informed of our progress over the next weeks and months and, ultimately, our opening date.  Our current schedule has us on track to open this January 2019.  We will be posting about our construction progress as well as information on services, hiring, hours, appointment schedule and more as we get closer to our opening. 

We'll start with a little bit of background:  While working together over the course of eight years, Drs. Levine and Widman found that we shared a vision regarding the model of veterinary care we wanted to provide for our feline patients.  We believe that personalized care for both patients and their owners in a positive, supportive environment can be a reality.   

The first order of business was finding a suitable venue, which has been no small feat in Cambridge, given the tight real estate market and the need for a special zoning permit for veterinary facilities.   We are thrilled to be able to call 1100-1108 Cambridge St, off of Inman Square, our new home.   A big thank you to all the folks working for the City of Cambridge,  the local business associations and all the other kind people in Cambridge that have helped us navigate the process of starting our own business. 

Front 1108 side.jpg

We are connecting the two adjacent store fronts (formerly a tattoo shop and a restaurant space) into one space.

1108 Interior Pre Construction.JPG

1108 Cambridge Street will be our main entrance with a reception area and exam rooms.

1100 Interior Pre Contruction.JPG

The other side (1100 Cambridge Street) will house  radiology, surgery, patient wards, laboratory and treatment areas.

As you can see, everything has to be gutted and rebuilt to turn it into a modern veterinary clinic, so we've got our work cut out for us. We should be getting our building permits any day now and then the transformation can begin!  There is a tremendous amount of work to do starting a clinic from scratch, but rest assured, we are eager to be up and running as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience (waiting is hard for us too!). We will keep you posted on our progress. If you want to receive notice of these updates via email, sign up on our home page if you haven't already.

We look forward to taking meeting your veterinary care needs very soon!