January 2019 Update

Although the space may still not look like much, construction is moving forward. The wall framing is up, the electrical wiring has taken place, and plumbing is being installed. Barring unforeseen circumstances (which are always a possibility with a construction project of this magnitude!) we are looking at opening at the beginning of April.

There is also a lot going on behind the scenes; we have started our hiring process and are coordinating equipment acquisition as well as attending to all of the myriad details necessary to open our doors.



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Dentistry Services at the Cambridge Cat Clinic

In this update we would like to focus on a service that we are particularly excited about, which is our dental service. As veterinary medical care has developed over the years, the importance of dental care has become well-recognized and the options for providing optimal care for our pets’ teeth has grown accordingly.

 Cats are often reluctant to let their owners get a good look inside their mouths, so the contents therein are usually a bit of a mystery to most people. Moreover, in the past, people accepted “dirty’ teeth and bad breath as an inevitability in their pets, not really considering that pain and other health risks often accompany such conditions.

At Cambridge Cat Clinic we will offer a comprehensive dental program to keep your cat healthy and comfortable. This program starts with an oral exam as part of a complete physical assessment at every office visit as well as discussion about options for home care for your cat’s teeth. If a problem is noted during the exam, whether it be excess tartar, gingivitis, or signs of infection or other more serious dental disease, we may recommend a dental procedure under anesthesia for a complete oral health assessment and treatment. This will include full-mouth dental radiographs (x-rays), scaling, polishing, and, if indicated, extracting diseased teeth. It is important to us that owners have a good understanding of what to expect when entrusting their cat to us for dental care and why we institute the diagnostics and treatment that we do. To that end, check out our link to some Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Services.

We look forward providing dental services to our patients in the Cambridge area and beyond. See you this Spring!