New Opening Date

Hello to everyone!

We hope this winter has been kind to you and yours. Unfortunately, our winter as it relates to the clinic construction hasn't gone as smoothly as we hoped. Construction in an old building can have its surprises, and there have been a few more that have pushed our opening date to the beginning of May. It has been difficult for us to be patient during this process since we are eager to open our doors, but the emails of encouragement we have been receiving from you has really helped us continue to pour our energy into making this vision into a reality. As our contractors continue to build the physical infrastructure of the clinic, we are getting all the pieces in place to operate a veterinary clinic. We are hiring our team, configuring our practice management software, ordering equipment, and much, much more. May will be here soon, and we look forward to seeing all of you and your cats in person at Cambridge Cat Clinic!

Patiently waiting…

Patiently waiting…


To give you all a taste of the services we will be providing while waiting, we've added a Services page to our website. And, for a little bit of cheering up as we all wait for spring, the home page video is now a kitten playing. Enjoy!

Drs. Laura Widman and Kimberly Levine